Our Mission

Our mission is to create ready to use serious games, specifically designed and developed for physical rehabilitation, which will increase patient’s motivation during rehabilitation and accurately monitor his progress in therapy.

We aim to offer a complete software platform for physical rehabilitation based on serious gaming and an advanced monitoring system.

Our serious games can be used for physical rehabilitation of patients with various physical conditions, e.g., cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, brain stroke, etc.

Our platform enables the therapist to easily configure our serious games to correspond to patient’s needs and abilities, to assure that each patient regardless of his disability, his range of motion and his therapy progress can play and engage with the games.

Our History

Behind this project is a team of researchers and developers from ULB and VUB Universities in Brussels led by prof. Serge Van Sint Jan and prof. Bart Jansen.


The project is result of close collaboration of the following institutions.